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Why Does My Website Have Such a High Bounce Rate?

Of course, your site is the  home of your business. Just like with your physical store, not only do you want it to get as much traffic as possible, but you want those visitors to stay long enough to be able to make a sale. This means it will be a problem if people visit your website and then quickly leave before doing something. There are many reasons why this can actually happen. Read on to learn why your Web site has such a high Bounce Rate.

Poor user experiences and slower loading

Most company proprietors understand the significance of having a company website. However, not everybody realizes that owning a business website was one thing, and having a high-quality website is another. You should have a user friendly website that loads fast. Apart from this, people ought to be able to easily locate the contents and resources on your Web site. If it is not possible to browse your Website, people are going to leave quickly. Not all websites are slow, however. Some websites are fast when they are first created, but they become slow over time. This is because the business owners do not put money into website Maintenance. Only 11% of web developers report that their clients are concerned with and are able to update their websites once they are constructed. If a website is not maintained, it can quickly become slow and unfriendly. This may be the explanation for your website’s bounce rate being so high.

Incorrect descriptions

Your website is relevant only to your target audience. This is why you need to make sure your website descriptions are accurate. If it’s deceptive, you may get a lot of traffic, but those people will walk away as soon as they realize that your Web site doesn’t have what they are searching for. The code excerpt is one of the ways to let your visitors know what your Website is about. Think of it as a short ad that provides a summary of the content found on your destination page.

Poor Quality content

Part of the website maintenance should be to improve the quality of the content on your website. The Content should drive engagement and it should be eye-catching so that people can stay on your Website. If the contents are poor, users would feel misled and will leave as quickly as possible. You need to use engaging calls to action to ensure that all your internal links are functional as well as relevant. These are just some of the things that can lead to your websites bounce rate getting so high. Once you figure out exactly why this happens, you should invest in website maintenance to make sure that your website is living up to your users’ expectations. This way, you can start taking advantages of your traffic and increase your revenue. If you want to hire somebody to take care of your website, then contact us today.